Making Primary Care Services More Accessible: What You Need To Know

Feb 02, 2023
Making Primary Care Services More Accessible: What You Need To Know

Making Primary Care Services More Accessible: What You Need To Know

At Broadway Family Practice believe that you should not feel like a statistic or a number within a healthcare conglomerate. Your healthcare is personal, and we want to treat it as such. The commercialization of health and commodification of patients have made primary care services inaccessible. Primary health care service in Littleton shouldn’t be a luxury. Making primary care services accessible and available to all is our main driving force. This blog illuminates everything you need to know about our services and what we think is important!

Why is access to primary health care services critical? 

The simple answer is that having access to primary health care services empowers you to become the healthiest version of yourself. In the long term, primary care and prevention enables you to take action to prevent injury or illness in order to live a longer and more flourishing life. Without access to primary care services, many illnesses can be left untreated, and preventable conditions can develop. We intend to make access to primary care physicians easier and more enjoyable than it has ever been.

What does it take to make primary care services accessible to everyone?

Simplicity, accessibility, and, automation:

These three crucial components make primary care services more available. Simplicity means cutting down on the paperwork. Everyone at some point in their lives finds themselves caught in a labyrinth of technicalities and paperwork in the healthcare system. Making primary care services as simple as possible is a must. We want to make it easier to be a participant in your own healthcare journey.

Accessibility to healthcare is an important component of staying healthy and disease prevention. Colds don’t wait and neither should you. We believe that your healthcare provider should be accessible for communication and same-day appointments. We make a point to leave open blocks in our schedule to allow for the addition of sick visits and acute needs. Give telemedicine a try and get checked in right from your living room sofa. At Broadway Family Practice we strongly encourage staying cozy on the couch in a pair of sweatpants whenever possible. 

Lastly, is automation. Automation removes excessive points of contact to save you (and us!) precious time. It allows you to more easily flow through the healthcare process. Our patient portal provides several features to cut down on your time spent in the office filling out paperwork. You can easily upload documents, message your provider, schedule appointments, and check-in online. The reduced points of contact make the entire process of accessing primary care services less cumbersome. 

How do we provide you with primary care services in Littleton? 

You are not just a number to us. Your relationship with your primary care provider should be built on trust and a common interest in your well-being. We offer personalized attention, slower-paced appointments, and accessibility after your appointment for questions/concerns. The consistency of our primary care services in Littleton sets us apart from the rest. 

What services do we offer?

Primary Care services: Disease prevention, health promotion, and health maintenance. 

Telemedicine: Rock those yoga pants.

Skin essentials: Botox, dermal fillers, and PRP hair loss treatments. 

Hormone replacement therapy: Restore and balance your body’s natural hormones.

Medical Weight Loss Programs: Medications to aid in your weight loss journey.

Broadway Family Practice offers a variety of personal care services in Littleton. From hormone replacement therapy to primary care services, we got you covered!